Thursday, June 13, 2013

Colorado Rockies Game

Grandpa Joe and I and Daddy went to today's Colorado Rockies baseball game against the Washington Nationals.  I've been to a Rockies before -- when I was about 9 months old!  I definitely don't remember it.  This game I'll remember for a while.

I ate: one corn dog, french fries, nacho chips and cheese,  half of a funnel cake, a small fresh squeezed lemonade, and about half of a large fresh squeezed lemonade (boy, I sound like the very hungry caterpillar).  I got to meet Dinger, the Rockies' mascot.  Grandpa bought me a hat.  And I got my very own real baseball (it was tossed to someone to gave it to me).

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Book 2 Recital

Link to the video of my recital:

Today was my Book 2 party! It was over before I knew it. I invited 4 friends but only 3 came. Daddy videotaped me playing half of Book 2. My favorite part was walking down the stairs because it went so quick! We had M&Ms and Doritos afterwards. My favorite song I played was Bourrée because it sounded so graceful. I can start my half sized cello now! I want to finish at least Book 10!