Saturday, March 30, 2013

Springtime (for the moment)

Spring officially started last week.  But those of you who are familiar with the weather in northern Ohio know that the weather doesn't always listen to the calendar.  It's quite nice now but who knows what Monday will bring (supposedly, it will be about 30 -- eek!).

Since it was warm today, we took the opportunity to get outside.

Friday, March 29, 2013


We're in the middle of Passover so I thought that I'd share some pictures of our seder.

 Daddy made a brisket for dinner.  Quite yummy.

 The seder plate that Mommy loves so much.

 Mommy and I made matzah ball soup.  I got to put the matzah balls in the soup.

 Here's what the soup looked like when it was ready to be served.

 Gabi and Alice getting ready for the seder.

The highlight of Passover is matzah toffee.  So easy to make and so incredibly awesome.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Girl Scout Cookies: Attack of the Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies have arrived!  Thanks to Mommy and Daddy for helping out with their contacts, I sold 500 boxes of cookies this year.  I was the top seller of the troop.

 This is what the van looked like when Mommy got home with the cookies.  500 boxes worked out to be about 45 cases.

 The proud cookie seller!

Where do you store all of these cookies?  In the garage, between the cars, of course!  Thank goodness it's cool outside or all of that chocolate would melt.