Friday, April 27, 2012

"Spelling" Bee

Eastwood Elementary School had their first-ever Spelling Bee tonight.  Pre-school and Kindergarten were together, 1st Grade had their own room, and so did the 2nd grade students.

You might think that, with a name like "Spelling Bee" that there would be spelling.  You'd be wrong.  We started with something easy: either "What's your name?" or "How old are you?"  I got "What's your name?"  Thankfully, I remembered it.

Then we did some letter or number or color identification.  That was a breeze.  They we turned to some reading.  Here's one of the first words I got.

 The reading managed to eliminate all but 6 of us (shown below).  I didn't think that the words were hard at all.

We kept going and the words didn't really get that much harder.

Finally we eliminated one more person.  Here I am with Mia and Shannon, in the final 5.

We kept going and going until it was just me and Maddie, one of my Daisy Scout friends, left.  We read word after word after word until I got "squelching."  Can't say I've ever seen it before.  I tried my hardest but didn't quite get it right.  Maddie got "rumbling" and she read it right.  I wish that I would have won, but 2nd Place is pretty good.

However, there was a bright spot to the evening.  There was a raffle (this was a PTO fundraising event after all) and I put my tickets into the bag for a gift certificate to Cowhaus Creamery, the yummiest ice cream store in town.  And guess whose ticket got picked?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Book 1 Cello Party

I'm already into Book 2 on my cello songs so Miss Joanne said that I could have a small Book 1 party. I played some of my favorite songs (see the program below) and had some of my favorite people here for the recital: Mommy and Daddy, Grandma Gail and Grandpa Joe, Miss Joanne, and my friend Shannon and her mom.

Here I am shortly before playing.

The program that Daddy made for the recital.

The food that I asked to be served: Doritos and M&Ms.

But the highlight was definitely my playing. Give a listen.