Monday, September 22, 2008


Is there anything better than a little girl giggling in the backyard?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pesto Adventures with Mommy

This morning, Mommy and I made an important contribution for dinner. Pesto. Yummy. All summer long, I've enjoyed picking basil with Mommy and today I got to do something fun with it. Here I am in action.

We started our morning by peeling a head of garlic. After Mommy cut it up a bit, I transfered it to the Cuisinart. Then we put on shoes and hat, went outside, and filled a huge white collander with basil from the front yard. Then we washed it and I shredded several pieces. Since I know my letters, I could find the P (for pulse) button, which I really liked. After Mommy added the olive oil we watched it really mix up and salted it. I got to taste it with Mommy by putting my finger on the spatula and then into my mouth. When we decided that it tasted right, I decided I wanted to eat it for lunch!

Note, in particular, the first bib I've worn in months and the glass of milk on the table. We only use sippy cups when we take milk in the car! For lunch, I had half a pita dipped in pesto, several slices of red, orange, yellow, and green peppers, and some cottage cheese. And I ate lots of tortellini with pesto for dinner, too.

Mommy says she likes spending time in the kitchen with me. She thinks it's fun and I do too. It was a nice (but messy) way to spend our Saturday morning.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yummy with Mommy

Yesterday, Mommy and I made eggs. They turned out so well that I ate all of mine and all of hers too!