Monday, January 28, 2008

This walk'in thing ain't so bad!

Hmmmm... Well, last night Daddy set me down and started to talk to Mommy. I decided to see if I could get to Mommy without them noticing. I made it about halfway before Mommy noticed me mobile on two feet. Then I fell. And cried. But it wasn't too bad.... Maybe I'll keep trying! Maybe it's the shoes? My Uncle Jason bought me these cool Sketchers that I'm wearing a lot. (What does "girlie" mean?) My other pair of shoes is equally nifty--navy blue Converse from my Aunt Diann and Uncle Kevin. They're called "Chuck Taylor's". Everyone likes my shoes!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Are You Smarter Than A Dog?

Look what I can do. Look what Ziggy can do. Now tell me what we all know - Ziggy ain't got nothing on me. I use my opposable thumbs. Ziggy just chews on a toy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

15-month milestones

Well, on Friday (1/18) I had my 15-month "well-child" checkup. Unfortunately, I woke up that morning with a 102 degree fever, so I wasn't quite the well child when we got to the doctor's office. At any rate, they said I was a very healthy baby (other than the obvious) and declined to give me my booster shots (wahhhh!). I'm now 22 lbs, 2 oz, 30 in.

I'm really good at three words: "Da da (da da da da da)," "Dih dah," which means Ziggy, "and Uh-oh". I make lots of other really fun sounds, but those are the only words I say. I know tons of words! For instance, I can show you where your nose, eyes, mouth, cheeks, hair, head, hand, toes, and tummy are. I also understand how to say "no" with body language. I shake off that incoming spoon of food when I don't want it!

I now can climb onto the couch and am trying really hard to climb into chairs. At school, I climb up to the top of the slide and go down on my tusch and on my tummy (feet first). I stand and squat really well. And I just recently graduated to walking with one hand holding Mommy or Daddy's and the other free. Tonight I even took several steps all by myself on several different occasions. It makes me cry, so I don't know why Mommy and Daddy keep encouraging me to do it.

I'm getting close to feeding myself. I can always get the fork to my mouth, I just think it's really hard to get the food on (and keep it on!) the fork.

I have 5 teeth. 3 front ones on the bottom, 1 on the top, and 1 molar on the top. Four of those teeth are on the left-hand side of my mouth... That molar really hurt and it took forever to show itself. I think we're all happy that it's out. Only three more to go!

I'm sleeping really well right now. 11-12 hours at night, and 2-3 hours during the day at home (1-2 hours at school). My horsie is still my most favorite toy. I now go to bed around 8:30 and sometimes have to be woken up to go to school in the morning.

I love puzzles. I'm really good at circles, and with help I can do squares and triangles too. I also love the Jack-in-the-box I got from my Cleveland cousins. Mommy doesn't like it as much as I do. I've also started noticing the TV. I really like the Baby Einstein videos and "Best of Elmo."

Most of all, I love books. My Mommy and Daddy say that makes sense, but someone will have to explain that to me later. Right now, my favorite book is "Goodnight Gorilla." I laugh really hard on 3 or 4 pages and love to kiss the mommy when she realizes that all the animals are in the room. I think she's the funniest part of the book.

That's it. It's time to drink my milk (I no longer use any bottles!!), read several books, kiss mommy and daddy, hug horsie, put my thumb in my mouth, and go to sleep.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out Sanjaya

Many of you may be familiar with the fad called American Idol. Personally, I can't stand the show but so many people just love it that there might be something to say for it. Anyway, one of the most popular (or hated) participants in the last season was Sanjaya.

Now, I'm not biased, but I've got to say that Sanjaya's got nothing on me. Disagree? Here are three reasons why.

1. The judges always ripped his singing. They've never said anything about the singing I do in the morning.

2. Do you really think that he's cuter than me?

3. One word: ponyhawk

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Play Time

Well, this is my first stab at video. It's not much, but it's me playing with a toy that I've really started liking more and more. I hope that you enjoy it.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm a Big Girl Now

Since I've had my birthday, things have started to change. It's little things, like only using bottles now and eating only solid food. Here are some other things I've noticed.

Where's my high chair? I loved sitting in it. Now I'm in something called a booster seat.

Notice all of those peas on the plate. I like peas more than any other vegetable. They're especially fun to feed to Ziggy.

Some of my food options have changed too. Here I am with a pancake (chocolate chip, if I remember correctly).

Here's another food change. At Thanksgiving mommy let me gnaw on the turkey drumstick. Yummy!

My First Birthday

October 17, 2007--a day that will live in infamy. My first birthday. They say that no one remembers their first birthday but I beg to differ. I've got pictures to prove that I ate real food, got presents, and played with new toys.

Here I am in my high chair. If you look carefully, you can make out lima beans, tortellini, rice, peas, and the chocolate chip cookie in my hand.
What a smile! There are people who would kill to have cheeks like that (or at least pay for the botox...). The smears of chocolate just add to the cuteness factor.

I honestly don't remember what presents I got for my birthday, but some of them were wrapped in something called tissue paper. That stuff rocks! Mommy left it on the living room floor while daddy was in Philadelphia for work so I could play with it. Thank you mommy.

My Life Til Now, Part 2

Hi everyone. I'm back. I've been doing so much these days that I haven't had much time to think about my blog. Things are a little slower now so I'm back in front of the computer to tell you more about what I've been up to.

The first wedding I went to was in March. Daddy's friend Cindy got married outside of Washington DC. Here I am with mommy and daddy after the ceremony but before we sat down for dinner.

My first beer. This is pretty self-explanatory.

My first trip to California was a long one. Mommy, daddy, and I went to visit my Great-Great-Aunt Judith for a few days in July. Daddy talks about her so much that I just cried and cried and cried until I got my way.

My first baseball game was fan-tastic. Mommy, daddy, Grandpa Joe, and Grandma Gail went to a Colorado Rockies game in July. I like to think that my presence at that game inspired the Rockies on their run to the World Series, but there's no way to prove this causal link. I had fun at the game and managed to stay into the 8th Inning before I got tired and fussy.
My first pizza. There's a pizza store in Oberlin that mommy and daddy used to go to when they were students here. It's called Lorenzo's and mommy says it's the best pizza in the world (daddy begs to differ; he votes for Mineo's in Pittsburgh). Anyway, this is my first slice of pizza: bacon and onion.

That's it for now. I'll be back soon.