Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Life Til Now, Part 1

Hi everyone. My friend Liev Schiffman (props to you, big guy) told me about this blogging thing, so I thought I'd give it a try. There are lots of pictures of me online (http://picasaweb.google.com/josh.l.levy) but nothing about how I am spending my days. So I thought, "Why not learn something new and play with technology? I like banging on mommy's computer keyboard so if I can just work on my spelling, this should be a snap."

Here are some highlights of the first few months outside of mommy:

Coming home from the hospital and meeting my big brother Ziggy. He's loads of fun, he lets me lay on him or crawl over him, and he even lets me feed him.

My first bridge game. Sure, I'm sleeping but that's what babies do. There's this thing called osmosis--it definitely works for more than studying. Most of you know that mommy and daddy play lots of bridge (although not as much as before I came along). I hope that they teach me how to play someday.

My first bath. I wasn't quite big enough for the big tub, so daddy put me in the countertop tub.
My first trip on an airplane. In December, mommy and daddy and I went to Denver to visit some family. Here I am with my mommy, Aunt Diann, Grandpa Tom, Great Aunt Flo, and Great-Grandma Miyake (she has a first name but mommy and daddy never use it).

My first snow. A few days after we got to Denver there was a huge snowstorm. We were stuck in the house for 2 days. Daddy and Grandpa Joe did walk to the grocery store but I couldn't go anywhere. Except outside with daddy to do some shoveling. As you can see, I loved it out there.

My first New Year's celebration. My little cousins Emma, Sarah, and Phoebe (from oldest to youngest) came and visited me with their mommy and daddy. They really wanted to come over Thanksgiving but some of them had upset tummies so they couldn't come. Instead they came to visit when I was a little older.

That's it for now. I'll be back soon with highlights from the next several months of my life.